Salad. Mmmm.

“More. More please. More. Mmmmm.” Was this our son. talking about the pasta? No. Was this our daughter speaking about how much she like her bread and herbed oil? Nope. It was the baby eating plain lettuce. She’s a weird kid.
This is not the first time that the baby has expressed a fondness for salad. Just last week, she ate quite a bit of Robin’s salad at a local Red Robin (went there after a late dentist appointment). Neither of the older kids ever showed an interest in lettuce, but the baby is certainly her own kid.

After dinner, we went out to return the Tales of Despereaux (our daughter’s reading club book for the month of March) to the library. It was slightly chillier than it had been over the weekend, but we still ran into some neighbors playing outside. Mr. Barry was out there too. The nearly spring-like evening was so pleasant that our son even deigned to stop playing Nintendo a bit.

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