About This Site

This is our family cookbook. We are a family living in the Baltimore area. We put this site together for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s just loads of fun to do!

We’ve found that having these recipes organized on the site is a great reference for us. We’re surprised at some of the great meals that we’ve had. We also find that, when we make a meal a second time around, it’s very helpful to have these recipes as a starting point.

Simply knowing that most of our meals make it onto this site has also challenged us to improve our cooking. Our meals tend to be a little more elaborate than they would have otherwise been. The skill with which we prepare meals has gotten better. Any cook’s skills will improve over time, but this site pushes us to get that much better.

Perhaps most importantly, we’d like to think that our children will be able to use this site when they get older. They’re a little young to be of much help now (but they do try!). Maybe in a few years they’ll be able to look back and see all the good stuff they’ve been eating and want to make some of it on their own.

In case you’re wondering where the name “EEE Cooks” comes from, it’s from Robin’s maiden name, Tripoli. When her family went to their favorite italian restaurant, they were always greeted by a sign on the table—"EEE".

If you have any suggestions for our cookbook, please drop us a line!