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We are a young family living in the Baltimore area. One day we decided to put our recipe box online. This is our family cookbook

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Star Wars: The Dinner

July 13

Inspired by one of the many magazines that Robin reads, we do a little grilling today. It’s been a while, so we were pleasantly surprised that the grill even started up, let alone that we were able to cook up such yummy food.

You Each Take a Side

July 10

Well into summer vacation, the two youngest take it upon themselves to make dessert for all tonight.

You Must Eat Your Salmon Cake Before Going Out to Play

January 14

The kids are very excited about visiting a local indoor play center tonight. Which means they eat all their dinner quickly and without a word of complaint. It helps that the salmon cake is yummy!

Pumpkin is a Very Exciting Vegetable

November 16

The baby has been terribly excited about pumpkin cake for at least a whole day now (it seems like). She finally gets her wish as Robin’s busy day includes bringing in a brunch item for the older kids’ elementary school.

With the Holidays Behind

January 15
With the holidays and many recent visitors, we have not been doing nearly as much cooking as we like. So we try to get back in the cooking routine tonight with a main course of lentil sausage soup—a dish from one of our many new cookbooks.

Painting After Thanksgiving

November 26
We spent the day priming the bathroom. The whole family, except for the baby, was painting at one point. A grand time was had by all until Robin missed a step and took a tumble.

Leftovers and Approximations Thereof

November 20
During a recent family night out at the California Pizza Kitchen, we found out that our son absolutely loves spinach artichoke dip. He very nearly made a meal out of the chips and spinach artichoke dip appetizer—leaving no leftovers whatsoever. So tonight we try to approximate the experience for him.

Soup for the Weary

November 6
We are still adjusting to Chris’s new job, but we try to get in the swing of things with a good comfort food dinner. Chicken soup is the centerpiece of tonight’s dinner, complimented nicely by an abundance of potato croquettes.

Crazy Pasta

October 8
We enjoy a quick visit from Erin tonight. The kids are terribly excited by a visit from their aunt and had lots of fun playing with her (even though she had some work to do). And we are all happy that she was able to stay for dinner.

2.5 Leftover

August 26
We host a big crowd tonight—Erin, Sarah, Eric and the little ones all come over for a family dinner and a game of cards.