You Must Eat Your Salmon Cake Before Going Out to Play

The kids are very excited about visiting a local indoor play center tonight. Which means they eat all their dinner quickly and without a word of complaint. It helps that the salmon cake is yummy!

Robin had worried a bit that Chris might not eat the salmon cake. So much so that she called it “cake” rather than the more appropriate “loaf” because Chris can be funny about loaves and crock pot cooking. She need not have worried — Chris enjoyed them very much as did all the kids (except perhaps our daughter, who was in a merely tolerating mood tonight).

The kids also had a variety of leftovers—pasta and pancakes.

After dinner, we head over to the indoor playzone. The kids were not disappointed by the various inflatable slides and bouncy things. The baby was especially pleased to be able to meet up with a couple of her little school playmates.

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