Star Wars: The Dinner

Inspired by one of the many magazines that Robin reads, we do a little grilling today. It’s been a while, so we were pleasantly surprised that the grill even started up, let alone that we were able to cook up such yummy food.

Today was a momentous day for the men in the family.

For Chris, this was a day 10 years in the making. It was the day the kids start watching the Star Wars trilogy. Chris has tried many times to get them to watch, but today they finally gave in.

It was the original trilogy, of course, the one where Han shoots first and all that. Even without the CGI, it still captured the kids’ imagination, just as it had Chris’ 30 years ago. Even the baby was enthralled—more than once, she was overheard repeating “I only wish Ben were here”, followed by a kiss for the nearest family member.

Yes, it was truly a big day for Chris. For our son, it was equally as big a day—we had pasta. Any day with pasta is a big day for our son.

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