With the Holidays Behind

With the holidays and many recent visitors, we have not been doing nearly as much cooking as we like. So we try to get back in the cooking routine tonight with a main course of lentil sausage soup—a dish from one of our many new cookbooks.
Everyone was home for this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, so we began the day at Port Discovery (along with half the metropolitan area families). Everyone enjoyed themselves—the baby most of all. She’s gotten much better with other kids and climbing stuff.

Afterwards we headed up to a local pizza joint for lunch. The kids all ate (pleasantly). Our son even ran in to his teacher who recognized his talking, “I thought I heard your voice!” Our son played shy claiming, “I wasn’t sure it was her”.

The afternoon was even more exciting—the kids played video games (and a little outside) while the adults cleaned the gutters.

In addition to the lentil soup for supper, we had leftovers from a weekend dinner at Red Robin (a celebratory meal for our daughter’s piano recital success).

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