Even More Homemade Pasta (and Pesto)

Mardi Gras 2003 finds us home making pasta. Have we mentioned how much we like the pasta roller attachment on our KitchenAid yet? Tonight, we use it to make a pesto pasta, similar to the one we made back in January.
Fat Tuesday means that our Lenten obligation begins tomorrow. This year we’ve decided to give up ice cream. Our preparation for our 40 day obligation has consisted of an extended Mardi Gras (Dimanche Gras, Lundi Gras et Mardi Gras). In other words, we’ve been making a daily trip to Moxley’s. Tonight, we get a chocolate shake with Heath Bar and a caramocha sundae. Moxley’s stock price will no doubt suffer until Easter, but we’ll be at the door opening time, Easter Sunday.
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