Meals from March 2003

2003-03-02 Sausage Calzones

This was a first attempt for us. We’ve enjoyed calzones on many occasions, but never tried making them. Even Nanny never made calzones – Robin’s family just ordered out (which is easy to do in Brooklyn). All in all, tonight’s meal was nothing short of fantastic!

2003-03-03 Waffle Dinner

She liked it! He liked it! We all really liked this moderately easy meal. The waffles in this meal hold up quite well on their own (our daughter had three by herself). Some simple scrambled eggs and bacon help to make this a meal that we’ll all remember for quite some time.

2003-03-04 Even More Homemade Pasta (and Pesto)

Mardi Gras 2003 finds us home making pasta. Have we mentioned how much we like the pasta roller attachment on our KitchenAid yet? Tonight, we use it to make a pesto pasta, similar to the one we made back in January.

2003-03-07 Rockfish

Our visit to the Oregon Grille last month included a rockfish dish that Robin ordered. Neither of us had ever tried rockfish, but it was fabulous (as was everything else, as always). We try to re-create that dish tonight, though not exactly. We certainly didn’t expect it to be as good as it was that night, but that seemed a fine starting point.

2003-03-09 Ravioli

It’s been over a year since we last tried to make ravioli. There’s a good reason for the gap – they’re a lot of work. We still think back to the squash ravioli as one the few recipes in our cookbook that is more trouble than it’s worth. Tonight? The preparation was stressful, but definitely worth it.

2003-03-10 Ravioli Lasagne

One of the greatest pleasures in life is leftovers. A great meal, like last night’s ravioli, only gets better resting overnight in the fridge. A slight twist to the presentation of the leftovers and we have a wonderful, simple meal tonight.

2003-03-11 Another Big Breakfast for Dinner

Aunt Sarah is back on her feet and able to join us for dinner. It’s been a while and we’ve all missed her weekly visits, so we put together an extra special, extra big breakfast meal.

2003-03-15 Nick's Really Big Latin Style Meal

Uncle Nick came in for a visit yesterday. Tonight, he helps to prepare a Puerto Rican style meal, which was largely based on his suggestion. He was an ideal helper for Robin as the meal was rather large and many of the dishes were new. It all worked out wonderfully as all of the dishes were fabulous.

2003-03-16 Fusilli with Meatballs

It must mean meat. Tonight is Uncle Nick’s last night with us, possibly for quite some time. That can only mean that meat of some form or another is on the menu. We say good bye to Nick with Fusilli with Meatballs, one of his favorites.

2003-03-17 Meatball Subs

Chris has been craving a meatball sub for quite some time. Tonight, thanks to leftovers from Nick’s recent visit, his craving is satisfied.

2003-03-18 Chili with a Little Sofrito

Robin was not happy with this meal, but don’t listen to her – it was delicious. The source of Robin’s frustration in this meal was the addition of (in her opinion) too much of the leftover sofrito.

2003-03-21 Caribbean Swordfish

Our latin experience continues with this adventurous swordfish meal. We’ve been in a latin mood since Uncle Nick’s visit. Plus we still have some plantains leftover from the tostones that Uncle Nick helped to prepare.

2003-03-22 Lazy Grilled Chicken

‘Twas a lazy Saturday for us. Robin and our daughter went to the Timonium Dinner Theatre’s production of Cinderella this afternoon. By the time they returned, there wasn’t enough time before dinner to run errands, so we took our time preparing this semi-leftover meal.

2003-03-23 Baked Ziti (How I Learned to Love Leftovers)

We were going to grill burgers today. Alas, we ran out of time and enjoyed some leftovers instead.

2003-03-25 Asian Pork Dinner

Sadly, this was not our finest meal. Neither Robin nor Chris were feeling too well today. On top of that, Tuesday means half price burgers for Chris, so he wasn’t especially hungry. It’s too bad since we enjoyed this so much the last time that we had it.

2003-03-27 Broccoli Soup

We were inspired to try a new broccoli cheese soup by a recent visit to Sara’s Secrets by the author of The Secrets of Jesuit Soupmaking: A Year of Our Soups (although there’s no broccoli in the cheddar cheese soup recipe in that book).

2003-03-28 Omelet Dinner

Free range eggs become mushroom spinach omelets tonight. Kaitlin and Kacie, two of Mr. Fred’s daughters, decided last year that raising chickens would make for an interesting hobby. Who are we to argue when that means omelets this good?

2003-03-30 Leftover Bubba's and Stuffed Artichokes

Chris was in rare form tonight. “Why are the artichokes mushy?” “There’s nothing wrong with your hands, just some dry skin.” Yep, sometimes it’s a wonder Robin is still speaking to Chris let alone serving him food like this.