Meals from April 2003

2003-04-01 April Fool's Soup and Pasta

April Fool’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year. That means Chris has a “Half-Price Burger Day” lunch. Because it is unlikely that Chris’s stomach can expand any further, we opt for a simple soup and pasta for dinner tonight.

2003-04-04 Olivia's Birthday

Today, Olivia was born. Uncle Eric and Aunt Sarah went to the hospital before noon and Olivia was delivered by Caesarian about two hours later. And what did we do today? We waited for news and enjoyed some leftovers.

2003-04-07 Cavatelli Imported Direct from Brooklyn

A quick weekend trip to Brooklyn netted us many goodies. Among them was some cavatelli from Nanny’s freezer. Cavatelli is counted among the many dishes that evokes happy memories for Robin. We hope that it will do the same for our children.

2003-04-08 Cavatelli and Meat in Gravy

Chris abstained from his weekly half price burger for tonight’s meal. It was more than worth it. The preparation was relatively easy since the cavatelli and tomato sauce are both leftover from last night. We add some thin steak to the sauce to make it a little different. We also add some stuffed artichokes to appease our daughter, who has come to love them.

2003-04-14 Gambling with Leftovers

Another busy week starts off with leftovers. A weekend visit to Panera netted us more than half a plain ham and cheese sandwich that our daughter couldn’t quite finish. Mom and Dad can’t complain – she ate plenty and we make Monte Carlos with the rest. Some simple soup and salad round out the meal. Lest we forget, the meal ends with some very good brownies.

2003-04-22 A Simple Pasta for Sarah

Sarah’s back! Pregnancy, bedrest, birth have kept her away. We hope that tonight marks the resumption of weekly visits from her (and her new baby). Sadly, recent events keep us from preparing a more elegant meal than this. Hopefully it’s not too shabby…

2003-04-25 Orange Chicken

We’ve done the lemon chicken thing before, tonight we go with orange chicken. Fresh orange juice serves as inspiration for this simple yet delicious dish. We still have some leftover wild rice from a previous chicken meal, so we re-heat that tonight and toss in some chopped scallions for some crunch.

2003-04-27 More Than Two Beans Chili

A fine spring day finds us enjoying this simple mexican style meal. We celebrated Uncle Eric’s birthday yesterday at Grammy & Boppy’s house. We smuggled out some of the very excellent steak from that meal. That, along with a little sofrito, are added to our standard two bean chili to make this very hearty dinner.

2003-04-28 Bacon & Eggs

This is one of those meals that seems like destiny. First off, it includes bacon. As far as some of us are concerned, a meal can start and end with bacon. This meal also lets us add our first single ingredient recipe to our cookbook (bacon, of course). Mostly, this works for us because it’s a nice, simple way to start off the week.

2003-04-29 Crabcakes for Sarah

Eating idiosyncrasies can be a pain. Over the years, we’ve been exposed to so many (what we would consider) odd eating habits, that it’s become difficult to keep track of who has an aversion to what. It’s gotten so bad that we weren’t even sure Sarah would like crab cakes. Of course Sarah likes it, how could anyone not like crab cakes?