Meals from May 2003

2003-05-01 Artichoke Heart Pizza

The whole family helped on this one. That’s one of the reasons that we like making pizza so much. That it tastes so wonderful doesn’t hurt either! In addition to simple cheese pizzas for the kids, we make an artichoke pizza for the adults.

2003-05-03 The Bed

At the end of a very, very long day, we escape into the comfort of this most welcome meal. Chili honey grilled salmon signals the oncoming summer for our family. We vary the standard a little with green beans on the side.

2003-05-04 Chicken Parmesan

The day after The Bed finds us playing host to Grammy and Boppy. We’ve been wanting to have them over again for some time and tonight fit into all of our schedules. We serve chicken parmesan which, unbelievably, we haven’t had since we started our cookbook, nearly two years ago.

2003-05-06 Stuffed Shells

We serve stuffed shells for Sarah’s weekly visit. It’s a simple meal that recalls the old country (well, Brooklyn) nicely. Plus it’s a great meal to serve to a non-meat-eater like Sarah. Some green beans and moderately fresh bread complete this meal. Olivia sleeps.

2003-05-08 English Muffin Pizzas

We needed something quick. It doesn’t get much simpler than english muffin pizzas. As a side-benefit, we use up a little more leftover sauce. The kids both eat (our daughter – 2, our son – 1). We eat. A quick clean up. It was all very satisfying.

2003-05-13 Soft Shell Crabs

For Sarah’s weekly visit, we try something a little special – soft shell crabs. We know that Sarah likes soft shell crabs and we’ve never made them before, so we were eager to give this meal a whirl. And it worked quite nicely.

2003-05-22 Grilled Salmon with a Simple Dill Sauce

Sarah’s weekly visit switches to Thursday today. When discussing the meal with Sarah over the weekend, we gave her the choice of a halibut dish or salmon with a dill sauce. She chose the latter because she had never tried halibut before. We still need to work on broadening her eating experiences a bit…

2003-05-24 Welcoming Nick and Evelyn

Nick and Evelyn came in yesterday for a Memorial Day weekend visit. Nick tends to like meat. Last night he requested mac and cheese and hamburgers. Tonight, with an assist from Aunt Evelyn, we serve a little flank steak.

2003-05-25 Fried Pork

After a rather yucky day, Robin and Evelyn do some latin style cooking. This is one of those very heavy, but very good meals that tastes great and leaves you full for two days afterwards. Unfortunately Evelyn, Nick and Robin had stopped by the Cheesecake Factory this afternoon to pick up some dessert. We were all quite full by the end of the day!

2003-05-26 Biscuits and Gravy

Prior to departure, Nick wanted a “Cracker Barrel worthy breakfast”. He provides an assist with some very nicely scrambled eggs. We had a nice visit with Nick and Aunt Evelyn and miss them already. Fortunately, we have fond memories (and leftovers!).

2003-05-29 Pasta Primavera and Blueberry Crumbles

Brian and Kristen are in town for the week and are able to stop in for a visit this Thursday evening. We serve a vegetarian meal for Brian. Since we don’t get to see them all that often, we “fancy up” the meal with homemade pasta, among other things.