Meals from June 2003

2003-06-01 Simple Sunday Chili

We enjoy a little two bean chili and a visit from Erin today. This was a very simple meal, partly due to the copious supply of yellow rice that we still have in the freezer from Nick and Evelyn’s visit.

2003-06-04 Grilled Fish Kebobs

School is out for the summer, which means that Eric can join Sarah and the little one for dinner tonight. We serve fish kebobs with a variety of veggies and fish. Eric mentioned that he smelled grilling while walking up to the house and had hoped it was us. It was!

2003-06-08 A Simple Sunday

Our weekend was full. A birthday party, helping Grammy clean out the basement and some closets, and the usual chores kept us on the go. Sunday evening found us pressed for time so that we could fulfill out catholic obligation (mass). Sounds like a job for leftovers!

2003-06-10 Leftovers and a New Salad

We find ourselves still working through weekend leftovers tonight. The pizza is leftover from lunch on Saturday. The pasta salad is from Sunday’s dinner. The salad? The salad is all new!

2003-06-11 Our First Lasagne

Sarah, Eric and baby come for dinner. We had planned on serving a vegetarian lasagne since a sausage lasagne does not agree with Sarah’s dietary restrictions. We were quite chagrined to learned that Sarah’s diet was even more restricted today – she was on a no pasta, no cheese diet. It all worked out – the suggestion of vegetable lasagne snapped her out of her temporary lunacy.

2003-06-22 Grilled Salmon

We’re well noted salmon freaks. Nothing beats it for a quick, quality meal. We’re getting ready to depart on vacation so quick is definitely in order. It’s Copper River salmon season, so the quality is so much the better. Very welcome indeed.