Meals from July 2003

2003-07-03 Bean Chili Plus Bacon

A single workday after vacation finds us exhausted. Well, maybe not completely exhausted, but the long holiday weekend is certainly welcome. We kick it off with a simple bean dish, similar to our two-bean chili, but with added bacon. Bacon makes any dish better – just ask our son!

2003-07-04 Grilling on the Fourth of July

We celebrate Independence Day with a traditional cookout. The burgers are inspired by our favorite Cheeburger Cheeburger cheese burger. The corn is fresh Maryland corn. The salad is inspired from the vacation kitchen of Grammy.

2003-07-05 Father/Daughter English Muffin Pizzas

Robin needs her sleep these days. She took such a nap today that Chris and our daughter were left to their own devices for dinner. They did quite well, thank you very much, turning out some simple english muffin pizzas. Our daughter even ate one all by herself!

2003-07-08 Pancakes and Pancakes

Woe is we. A work week with more than one day in it. Ah well, we’re probably not going to elicit much sympathy on that point. We start back into routine with a simple little breakfast for dinner meal. To go with the usual (buttermilk pancakes), we enjoy something a little different (potato pancakes).

2003-07-14 Mafalde and Panelles

We’ve been happily busy of late. Robin is pregnant with our third child. That’s not having much of an impact on our time just yet, but it is much on our mind. Over the weekend, our collective attention was focused on a a daytrip to Brooklyn and a visit with Nanny and Gramps. That, plus a visit from Erin today, provides the inspiration for mafalde and panelles tonight.

2003-07-16 Chicken and Corn on the Grill

A reader had a question recently regarding how we prepared the grilled corn that was part of a meal from last June. That got us to thinking that we hadn’t had grilled corn for some time and so we have some tonight. All that we needed was a main course and some company with which to enjoy it all. Grilled chicken cutlets serve more than adequately for the former and we’re happy that Erin was able to stop by to fulfill the latter need.