Wiggly Tooth

Miss Tracey, from Baltimore Magazine, joins us for dinner tonight. To mark the occasion, we serve a dish for which we have been pining for some time – lasagne. We’ve made lasagne roll-ups and vegetable lasagne before, but this is the first plain, old, wonderful lasagne to grace our cookbook.
Should an article come of this, it would mark our first old media coverage. We’ve been featured in several weblogs (most prominently in Simmerstock back in March), but there’s still something about being in print that’s exciting.

Miss Tracey contacted us early last week through our web site. We were able to work an interview into both our schedules for tonight. Naturally, we did the interview over dinner. We’re not sure that we’ll actually make it into the magazine. No matter – we enjoyed the evening quite thoroughly.

The kids were besides themselves over the whole experience. They helped to prepare by making (or helping to make) the dessert. Our son could never quite understand why he couldn’t eat it. Our daughter is quite certain that her picture will accompany the article (and who knows, it might).

The kids were a little over-excited during the interview. In hindsight, doing an interview with a two year old in the room probably wasn’t the greatest idea. We’re just grateful Miss Tracey’s tape recorder was on the fritz. We’re fairly certain that she didn’t have time to note anything to the effect of, “And the boy is yelling again!”

As much fun as the interview was and as good as the dinner was, today will be best remembered for two things – Robin and our daughter hearing the baby’s heartbeat and our daughter’s first loose tooth. First kindergarten then a loose tooth. Will the growing up never end?

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