Meals from September 2003

2003-09-06 Salmon Kabobs

As the growing season draws to a close, the rosemary in our herb garden is getting awfully tall. So much so that we thought we’d try them out as skewers in our salmon kabobs. The result of this little experiment was quite tasty!

2003-09-09 Shrimp Gumbo

We really enjoyed tonight’s shrimp gumbo. Robin’s been craving gumbo since reading about the Zydeco Grill in Baltimore Magazine. Unfortunately, the Zydeco has been “temporarily closed” for the past two weeks. So tonight, we make a go of it on our own.

2003-09-13 Mac and Cheese

Neither a home nor a cookbook can have too much mac and cheese. Tonight’s addition is an individual serving of mac and cheese. The meal was prefaced with our daughter exclaiming, “Oh boy! We’re having broccoli?” The meal concluded with the broccoli stems stripped bare on her plate. As good as the broccoli was, the culinary highlight of the meal had to be the mac and cheese, which was unbelievably good.

2003-09-14 There is Football in Heaven

It’s days like today that make Chris realize that he is the luckiest human male on the face of the Earth. After watching football all afternoon, we have sausage and pepper sandwiches for dinner. And not just any sausage sandwiches, but the best sausage and pepper sandwiches ever.

2003-09-16 Wiggly Tooth

Miss Tracey, from Baltimore Magazine, joins us for dinner tonight. To mark the occasion, we serve a dish for which we have been pining for some time – lasagne. We’ve made lasagne roll-ups and vegetable lasagne before, but this is the first plain, old, wonderful lasagne to grace our cookbook.

2003-09-17 More Lasagne

The absolute best thing about lasagne is having it for leftovers. The flavors have a chance to combine overnight and the whole dish has a chance to set a bit more. The only thing that could possibly make this meal more enjoyable would be a visit from Grammy.

2003-09-19 What to Eat in a Hurricane

The day after hurricane Isabel blew through finds us unscathed. Amazingly, we never even lost power. For dinner, we enjoyed some mushroom fontina omelets and simple home fries.

2003-09-22 Cleaning Leeks is Fun

The kids were off from school for the third straight day, thanks to Hurricane Isabel. Robin still managed to keep them quite busy and they even helped out a little with dinner – panini sandwiches and a simple onion soup.

2003-09-24 Almost French Onion Soup

The onion soup of two nights past becomes onion soup au gratin tonight. In both meals, we complement a simple onion soup in order to evoke the idea of a rich french onion soup. Tonight, we broil the leftover soup with french bread and a little cheese. A light broccoli tomato frittata completes tonight’s dinner.

2003-09-29 Mu Shu Kids

Our daughter was ill today. That kept her from school, but didn’t prohibit her help in the preparation of tonight’s meal. In fact, both kids were quite instrumental in getting dinner on the table.

2003-09-30 Chicken with Sprinkles

Leftovers excite tonight. Monday’s mu shu made enough for three meals: the original meal, tonight’s dinner and a future lunch. We give the dish a twist tonight by serving it with sesame chicken and some baby corns.