Meals from October 2003

2003-10-04 Turns 3

Our son turns three and we celebrate. His birthday dinner is celebrated by Erin, Sarah, Eric and Olivia and he could not have enjoyed himself more. Both kids enjoyed a little bit of everything in this very large meal. Not to worry, both were able to have more than one serving of cake and ice cream.

2003-10-06 A Simple Pasta

A day removed from our daughter’s stomach flu, we opt for simple. If she ate soup, we’d probably get take-out chinese, but, alas, she’s never been one for soup. We prepare some pasta as it’s easy on the stomach when served plain and easy to dress up when served for the healthy among us.

2003-10-08 Salmon Burgers

Everybody is still sick. We’re a little low on food items, but we’ve managed to build up a fairly well stocked pantry. We use canned salmon and some potatoes to prepare salmon burgers and baked french fries.

2003-10-13 The Photo Session

Miss Michèle and Mister Brian from Baltimore Magazine stop in for a photo session. We prepared the most photogenic meal that we could think of – spaghetti and meatballs, italian sausages, garlic eye round and more.

2003-10-21 Meatloaf and other Comforting Things

The leaves are changing, there’s a nip in the air and we’ve been quite sick. All of this means that comfort food is quite welcome. Tonight, we opt for meatloaf, roasted potatoes, baked squash and something not so comforting – stuffed cherry peppers.

2003-10-22 1½ Men Cooking

Our son and Chris make dinner tonight. Robin took our daughter to swimming lessons, which left Chris nominally in charge of getting dinner ready. With a three year old boy in the middle of everything, Chris never had a chance.

2003-10-23 Quick Pasta

Another night, another errand to run. Tonight, we need to take Robin’s car in for service so we prepare a simple bow tie pasta dish. To ease the preparation, we add some leftover peppers from Tuesday’s dinner.

2003-10-25 Pizza For Erin

The kids take complete responsibility for this meal. Unless it doesn’t taste good, then it’s Mom’s fault. We were able to convince Erin to come to dinner and our daughter got to decide on the meal. She eagerly chose pizza with the provision that she could help make it.

2003-10-27 Spooky Pasta

To get in the mood for Halloween, we prepare the kids some spooky pasta. We took a daytrip up to Brooklyn yesterday to visit Nanny and Gramps so we’re all really tired. We just don’t have the energy for anything fancy, so pasta it is!

2003-10-28 Pumpkin Soup and Pancakes

Preparations for Halloween continue today. We hung up some spider webs outside and enjoyed some pumpkin soup inside. Since we had the pumpkin puree anyway, we made some pumpkin pancakes.

2003-10-29 Salmon Mummies

We’re definitely feeling the Halloween spirit now. Everyone helps to make salmon mummies for tonight’s meal. This is a great little meal for the kids – not only did they have a blast preparing the food, but both ate an entire “mummy”.