Making Nanny's Rice Stuffing

The Thanksgiving spirit arrives at our house today. Robin has been on the phone with Nanny, trying to get the family recipe for rice dressing. As usual, talking recipes with Nanny is an adventure, “Oh Robin, just put in enough rice to make it look right.” We think we’ve got it right, but that won’t stop us from experimenting some more in the future!
We didn’t go to the Farmer’s Market today. Our son and Chris slept in today. By the time they awoke, we needed to head to the mall for a grandkids photo session. We got some great pictures and had a nice lunch as well. For the remainder of the day, Robin did her best Nanny impression while Chris and our daughter helped by staying out of the way.

Instead of turkey, tonight’s menu includes flattened chicken, which will serve nicely in leftovers and lunch this week. Everyone enjoyed the dinner, though the kids were a little confused by the meat in their rice.

The anticipation for Thanksgiving is just beginning.

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