Hearts of Palm

Chris worked late last night. Our son was up early. The baby is only just starting to settle into a routine. It was up to Robin and our daughter to prepare a meal that was healthy and would invigorate the rest of the family. And this is what they made.
Far from a basic soup and salad combination, we explore the exotic tonight with the inclusion of hearts of palm in the salad. Our onion soup serves as the familiar counterpart to the salad – not that the salad is that much out of the ordinary.

In addition to helping with the preparation, our daughter did a good job eating. She was almost certain to do a good job with the eating – we picked up a couple of artichokes on special at SuperFresh last night. She loves artichokes. She ate one all on her own tonight, plus some chicken leftover from a weekend meal. Our son did a good job with dinner too, but he mostly ate the plain pasta and sauce that we warmed up for the kids.

After dinner, Grammy and Boppy stopped by for a quick visit, completing a much needed relaxing evening.

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