Meals from April 2004

2004-04-01 A Better Fried Chicken

Tipped off by a faithful reader, we replace white flour with rice flour for some fried chicken pieces. We’re glad we did – the chicken was fantastic! Oddly enough, the kids didn’t eat much of the chicken. They’ll eat chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, but not homemade. Go figure.

2004-04-07 Hearts of Palm

Chris worked late last night. Our son was up early. The baby is only just starting to settle into a routine. It was up to Robin and our daughter to prepare a meal that was healthy and would invigorate the rest of the family. And this is what they made.

2004-04-09 Myth Pasta

Today was picture day. Robin took the kids to the mall for a photo shoot – the first one with the new addition to our family. With help from Grammy, Boppy, and Erin, the picture taking went well. Even so, tonight’s very nice pasta dish was a very welcome end to the day.

2004-04-11 Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday starts with a trail of jelly beans. The trail leads from the kids’ rooms to their Easter baskets, which hold a toy or two and some Easter candies. The kids really enjoy following the trail and the Easter egg hunt that follows. Afterwards, everyone helps preparing a simple Easter brunch.

2004-04-13 Fried Tofu

The meal title pretty much says it all. We really did eat fried tofu tonight. All right, it does not say everything because dinner was actually quite good. The tofu was but one ingredient among many in a stir fry. Frying the tofu gave it a welcome texture and flavor.

2004-04-26 The Day After: Baked Mafalde

Certain meals reflect the life in which they are made. Bits and pieces from different times and different company interweave, making the moment special both for the present and for the times that build up to the moment. In other words, it’s leftovers tonight.

2004-04-27 Beefing up the Chili

A little beef makes a big difference. Chili is one of our stand-by meals—the kind of dinner we can make in a pinch, but know that we are sure to eat. Normally, we make a variation of a vegetarian two-bean chili. Tonight we found ourselves with some chopped sirloin on hand (and with chili powder pre-mixed).

2004-04-28 Leftover Chili and Salad

We take last night’s dinner, dress it up a little, and have ourselves a nice little meal. Chili, ever the perfect medium for leftovers, gets wrapped in corn tortillas, crisped in the oven and served with salsa. We call them enchiladas and eat well—even by our standards.