Yesterday was bad. Really bad. With our son still recovering from a weekend bout with the flu, Robin came down with it. She was so sick that the only time she got out of bed was to be… sick. Luckily, she had recovered sufficiently to make a nice little dinner tonight.
Early yesterday morning, Robin called Chris home from work saying that she was too sick to do much of anything. So Chris left work and did his best to keep things somewhat orderly. The house was a complete mess, but all things considered, he managed… adequately. At the very least, Robin was not disturbed by the kids and he managed to check on her a few times. Robin felt much better this morning. Even so, Chris went into work late today so that he could take the kids to their swimming lessons.

Those 24 hour bugs really are amazing. While Chris and the kids were at swimming lessons, Robin cleaned up the mess left over from Chris being in charge (no small feat!). In the afternoon, she did three loads of laundry, did her normal exercise routine and made dinner.

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