Meals from June 2005

2005-06-01 Leftover Crab

The long weekend is over. Our guests have left. We are left with but fond memories. Fond memories and extra crab meat. Ooh, and a gift cookbook with crab recipes in it. What to do, what to do?

2005-06-03 A Friendly Game of Clue

Tonight, we gather for dinner and an evening of cards. Last weekend we calculated that tonight would be the last time that we would all be free for the foreseeable future. So we try to make dinner as memorable as possible.

2005-06-13 A Burrito Before Vacation

Tomorrow marks the end of first grade for our daughter. To celebrate, we serve the kids beans. And sweet potatoes.

2005-06-14 Thanksgiving Wishing

On a hot, hot day we could all use some cool thoughts. And what meal evokes wintry thoughts more than Thanksgiving? It is supposed to cool off tomorrow, but we already have the comfort of a hot meal on a cold day.

2005-06-15 That Old Fashioned Tilapia

We get a visit from Erin tonight. Ever since Sarah moved away (all the way across town), we just have not had family over enough for any of our tastes. Happily we take a step towards a remedy tonight.

2005-06-21 Summertime

Yesterday was bad. Really bad. With our son still recovering from a weekend bout with the flu, Robin came down with it. She was so sick that the only time she got out of bed was to be… sick. Luckily, she had recovered sufficiently to make a nice little dinner tonight.