Meals from July 2005

2005-07-04 A Very Boppy Fourth

Just as we were getting dinner preparation underway, Boppy called. Turns out we were supposed to be eating dinner over there. Grammy had arranged our Fourth plans in her absence, though nothing was finalized. Happily, Boppy finalized things just in time.

2005-07-12 Bread is Better When It's Breadcrumbs

“Oh, I like breadcrumbs. They are much better than bread!” Our daughter certainly appreciates at least one aspect of dinner tonight. Actually, all three kids very much enjoy the entire meal (as do the adults). Seems that we can not go wrong with pasta.

2005-07-17 National Ice Cream Day

Dinner was comprised mostly of leftovers. It was a good, simple meal that would have gone otherwise unremarked if not for today’s date—which just happens to be National Ice Cream Day. Somehow the kids got wind of the occasion, so we had to do something.

2005-07-20 Garden Tomatoes

Our daughter gets such a kick when we include her tomatoes in meals. Back in May, she got a little tomato plant at the farmers’ market. Since then, it has grown very well and produces the nicest yellow cherry tomatoes. They add a summer touch to tonight’s pasta dish—and brighten the face of a cute little seven year old at the same time.

2005-07-23 A Cookout and Some Cards

Sarah, Eric and Olivia come over for dinner and cards. These nights are becoming almost routine—kids playing happily, good food, and good company. We could all use that kind of routine.