Meals from August 2005

2005-08-04 Even Fried, They Won't Eat It

Robin did nothing for this meal. At least that is how our daughter saw it. Both she and her brother helped making dinner, but they did so under the watchful eye of their mother. Still the kids were a help. Now if only that would translate into actual eating…

2005-08-06 Lazy Puttanesca

After a visit with Boppy and a quick swim, we sit down for dinner. The kids had hot dogs, but the adult dinner seemed worthy of mention in our cookbook. Not bad what can be thrown together from leftovers (when we’re being lazy).

2005-08-08 Surrender

OK, we give up. We figured the kids would love tonight’s dinner. They always eat their corn dogs at restaurants. Their reaction to homemade corn dogs, however, was lukewarm, at best. The adults liked them, though, which carries some significance since neither of us have ever had them before.

2005-08-22 A Family Effort (Except the Baby)

This meal was a true a family effort. In the afternoon, our son and our daughter helped making the pasta dough. In the evening, Chris and our daughter made the pasta. Robin, of course, still did most of the work, but she appreciated the help.

2005-08-24 Again with the Brick

Conditions were ideal for the brick tonight. The kids wanted s’mores for dessert, so grilling something seemed a natural choice for dinner. The only grilling material that we had on hand was chicken (in the freezer). That got us to thinking about a chicken marinade that we had been wanting to try. We also had some farmers’ market bread, perfect for panini sandwiches. So out came the brick and the rest is… a delicious meal!

2005-08-28 Graham Crackers Everywhere

This was almost the meal that wasn’t. And we are all quite grateful that it was.