OK, we give up. We figured the kids would love tonight’s dinner. They always eat their corn dogs at restaurants. Their reaction to homemade corn dogs, however, was lukewarm, at best. The adults liked them, though, which carries some significance since neither of us have ever had them before.
One possible explanation for the lack of enthusiasm for dinner was our son being a little sick today. Maybe he will like them better in the future. Then again, he did not care for the “pricklies” of the homemade fried dough—apparently preferring machine-made smoothness that can be had at restaurants.

We used up most of the supplies of Alka Seltzer in the house today. This was not due to our son’s tummy problems, but rather as fuel source for paper airplane “rockets”. Our daughter’s science camp put the idea in her head a while back. We combined a little water and some Alka Seltzer in a film canister, immediately sealing it with the lid. After a few seconds, the canister pops open (stand back!).

The kids had a fun afternoon building rockets to utilize this propellant. It is a little hard to clean Alka Seltzer off the ceiling, but well worth it.

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