Meals from September 2005

2005-09-04 Chicken, Potatoes and Pasta

We enjoy a traditional Sunday late afternoon dinner—something we really should do more often. The centerpiece of today’s meal is a pasta dish topped with a hearty tomato sauce. That may sound rather ordinary, but, cooked with both chicken and potatoes in it, the sauce is as interesting as it is tasty.

2005-09-12 Pasta & Cough Syrup

Two weeks into the school season, we have our first bout of illness running through the house. Nothing major, but enough to mess up the weekend and get the week off to a slow start. After homework and dinner, we head out to the store for some cough syrup. No one is much up for anything else.

2005-09-17 Cheeburger in Paradise (Home)

Dinner tonight was an attempt to simulate a trip to Cheeburger. Chris inadvertently told the kids we might go there. When we realized that was not going to happen, we did our best to recreate the experience at home.

2005-09-22 Leftovers for Pasta

A bunch of leftovers combine admirably in a hearty, yummy pasta dish. Pasta is always a good choice for us—especially when we have nothing else with which to work.

2005-09-28 Chocolately Ending

Amazingly, we ate a home made meal. Our days are rather full of late—with today being no exception. Happily, we squeeze enough time from our busy schedule for an Asian-inspired dinner and a dessert topped with a quick chocolate ganache.