A Cookout and Some Cards

Sarah, Eric and Olivia come over for dinner and cards. These nights are becoming almost routine—kids playing happily, good food, and good company. We could all use that kind of routine.
Aside from the evening, we did typical Saturday things. After morning coffee, we stopped in at the local home improvement store to pick up a few things—including an extra propane tank for the grill. Good thing too because the main tank ran out in the middle of dinner preparations.

In addition to the main menu items, we served hot dogs for the kids. Olivia did not eat much, which bothered Sarah and Eric some. It is funny how those things bother parents of only children. With three kids, we are more or less happy when no one screams. Maybe they will know the feeling before long.

After we put the kids down, we got down to the business of the evening—lots of wine and some cards (spades and sergeant major). All in all, we had ourselves a very pleasant evening. Maybe a little too much wine, though.

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