Meals from May 2005

2005-05-01 Ode to the Farmers' Market

Happily, the farmers’ market is back. The winter hiatus seems to last longer every year. This despite what seems to be an earlier start date each year. To celebrate the return, we make a Farmers’ Market inspired dinner.

2005-05-02 May Twoth

Our son insisted that today was May “Twoth”. Our daughter and Robin, discussing the upcoming Cinco de Mayo, had already decided that today was Dos de Mayo—to which our son interjected that today was most certainly May Twoth. Whatever the date, tonight’s meal fed the entire family well and had Robin quite pleased with herself.

2005-05-03 Panelles!

Thanks to a Gourmet Magazine recipe, we finally make some panelles of our very own. One of the many added benefits of our semi-annual excursions to Brooklyn has been our introduction to panelles, which are an Italian (or at least Brooklyn-Italian) delicacy. Now that we have a recipe, we can have them more than twice a year. And we are quite excited about that.

2005-05-15 Cloudy. Chance of Meatballs 100%. Maybe Some Volcanic Activity.

Whew! It has been quite the busy weekend—complete with a trip to Brooklyn and back. The day after our semi-annual visit with Nanny and Gramps, we try our best to rest. Inspired in part by our journey yesterday (and the booty we bring back), we enjoy a terrific meal of meatballs and Italian bread.

2005-05-21 Dinner for the Aunts (and a little Cousin)

“Today was the bestest day.” Our son adopts one of his big sister’s sayings as Chris was putting him to bed. We had ourselves a relaxing Saturday (as all Saturdays should be), culminating in a dinner visit by Erin, Sarah and Olivia. How could today be anything but the bestest?

2005-05-28 Chris and Erica

Chris and Erica arrive for a holiday weekend visit. Both are friends from our days in Indiana. For some reason, they decided on Wednesday to fly in for the Memorial Day weekend. Ah, to be in our care-free twenties—making last minute plans to fly across the country. Who are we kidding, we were never that care free. But we are certainly glad they are!

2005-05-29 Crab for the Out-of-Towners

We try to give our guests a good sample of local flavors. We start the day at the Baltimore Farmers’ market. We finish up serving them some nearly authentic Maryland crab cakes.