Humble Stew

Today, we enjoyed the first snow of the season. To keep from going crazy, Robin occupied the kids’ attention by playing games, cleaning and making cookies. In the evening, Chris took the older two outside to play in the snow while Robin, with a little help from the baby, made this very appropriate winter stew.
Robin was a bit concerned about making this meal—Chris is a notorious stew hater and this dish was very stew-like. Also the kids rarely like anything different. After some initial grumbling from just about everyone, the whole family ended up eating their fill.

Everyone ate so well and so politely, that dessert seemed a quite reasonable way to end the evening. So we did something a little unreasonable and we headed out in the (very light) snow to Cold Stone. Having enjoyed a warm, comforting dinner, ice cream was a perfect ending to a snowy day.

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