Christmas Eve

The family gathers to enjoy our traditional Christmas Eve celebration. We exchange secret Santa gifts, give gifts to the kids, and (of course) we eat. Tomorrow is a big day, and the day after we leave for a family vacation in Disney World. So tonight, we get the holiday started right.
Even though our menu expands every year, the preparation effort seems to get easier. To be sure, there is a lot of of work involved, but we just seem to be able to handle it better.

Of course, it certainly helps when Kristen brings some of her famous cookies and Grammy brings steamed shrimp and cocktail sauce. For our part, we prepare all of the desserts and some of the appetizers ahead of time. We do not make ourselves crazy in the nights leading up to tonight, but do just enough to make ourselves feel like tonight will be under control.

And it was more than under control—it was relaxed. We were able to enjoy the night, just as we hope that our guests could.

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