Meals from December 2005

2005-12-07 Breakfast Elves

Field trip bread inspires this post-St. Nicholas Day dinner. Our daughter returned from her class field trip with a nice little loaf of brown bread. There was not enough for our not-so-little family, so we also serve pancakes.

2005-12-09 Humble Stew

Today, we enjoyed the first snow of the season. To keep from going crazy, Robin occupied the kids’ attention by playing games, cleaning and making cookies. In the evening, Chris took the older two outside to play in the snow while Robin, with a little help from the baby, made this very appropriate winter stew.

2005-12-24 Christmas Eve

The family gathers to enjoy our traditional Christmas Eve celebration. We exchange secret Santa gifts, give gifts to the kids, and (of course) we eat. Tomorrow is a big day, and the day after we leave for a family vacation in Disney World. So tonight, we get the holiday started right.