Meals from November 2005

2005-11-01 All Saints Eggs

The day after Halloween finds potatoes and eggs on the dinner table. Potatoes and eggs are one of those meals that elicits a collective groan from the family when announced, but that always ends up satisfying everyone.

2005-11-08 Feed a Cold, With Pasta

With colds and cold weather about, we serve up comfort food—with a slightly healthy bent. And in our family, comfort food means pasta. The healthy bits are provided by broccoli, which is also comforting since we all like it. We try to slip some squash past the kids, disguised as spaghetti, but fail to fool them. Darn it.

2005-11-09 Easy Eggs

Our daughter asserted herself tonight—as chef. She made the biscuits and was quite intent on getting due credit in the cookbook. It was credit that was well deserved.

2005-11-10 Focaccia!

It’s leftovers again—so we are happy. There is leftover pasta for the kids. Leftover hamburger finds its way into a meat sauce for our daughter and the adults. And for the whole family, we use up some of the yeast in our pantry to make a yummy focaccia bread. We do like our leftovers.

2005-11-19 Sushi at Home

As the last leaves of autumn were being raked outside, our daughter was inside helping her mom prepare some sushi. The ladies found that making sushi can be difficult. Difficult, but certainly worth it.

2005-11-23 Getting in the Spirit

Grammy’s oyster stuffing is one of the hallmarks of our Thanksgiving celebration. In anticipation, we fry up some oysters to complement a nice little fall soup. The only problem was that we ran out of oysters before our son had his fill.