Meals from January 2006

2006-01-08 In Second Place

Dinner was inspired by an abundance of Szechuan House leftovers. We have Grammy and Boppy to thank for the leftovers. They needed a little help taking down the last of their Christmas decorations and we were happy to help. Especially since they offered to buy us dinner (enough for two nights),

2006-01-10 Not Spicy Enough

There was some disagreement about this meal. Our son thought the main course was way too spicy—and would not eat any after his first bite. His big sister, on the other hand, insisted that it was “not too spicy at all”. The adults also loved it, so the lesson here is that we need to start feeding our son more spicy foods.

2006-01-24 No Lycopene Tonight

For a couple days now, we have been looking forward to a nice little pasta with sauce dinner tonight. Well, this afternoon, we realized we had no tomato sauce in the house, so we luck into an interesting little arugula sauce instead.

2006-01-29 Saffron in the Pantry

In the end, we ate from the pantry. Oh, we thought about ordering some Chinese food. Or grabbing some ground sirloin for burgers or even chopped meat sauce. Inertia proves to be a virtue tonight as it produces a rather elegant little meal, without having to leave the house again.