Meals from February 2006

2006-02-01 Pasta Erin

We get a nice treat tonight in the form of a visit from Erin. She needed some VHS tapes and we needed to serve dinner, so this meal was the perfect match.

2006-02-05 Superbowl

To mark Superbowl Sunday, we serve dishes from both Pittsburgh and Seattle. It’s no wonder the Steelers won—the soup was very good, but the Pittsburgh sandwich was mouth-watering!

2006-02-09 Chicken Soup

We continue to be ravaged by the flu. Tonight, we serve chicken soup in hopes that it may provide some comfort. We needed something to go along with it and, since we had no bread in the house, Robin used some down time to bake up some quick rolls.

2006-02-12 Snow and the Steak Dinner

Finally some snow! It snowed something like a foot last night. To celebrate, we have a nice steak dinner, which is what one always has in a blizzard. Unless you’re sick in which case you have soup.

2006-02-14 Valentine's Day

We spend Valentine’s Day at home, which is just how we like it. In addition to exchanging little gifts of affection, we enjoy a big meal (made with lots of affection) to celebrate the day.

2006-02-23 Finally, Baked Clams!

Chris’s wildest fantasies come true tonight. Chris is actually a fairly dull man, so his fantasies might not stack up with normal adults. Fulfillment came in the form of clams—baked clams.