To mark Superbowl Sunday, we serve dishes from both Pittsburgh and Seattle. It’s no wonder the Steelers won—the soup was very good, but the Pittsburgh sandwich was mouth-watering!
We would have enjoyed the dinner (and the day) more if our son were feeling better. He has had the flu for the latter half of the week, so today was naturally low-key.

Robin and our daughter went to church in the morning. Chris ran out to pick up another Nintendo game for our son (yeah, he was just that miserable). Finally, Robin made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up dinner supplies.

Our son absolutely insists that he is not sick, but he mostly sits around playing Nintendo and has no appetite. The only difference than normal is the lack of appetite. He is sure he is going to school tomorrow, but he is not.

At least the other two are healthy. For now.

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