Pasta Erin

We get a nice treat tonight in the form of a visit from Erin. She needed some VHS tapes and we needed to serve dinner, so this meal was the perfect match.
Our son has been dealing with a cough for the last couple of days. Today he came down with the flu. He was fine for moments during the day—he would even feel well enough to play Nintendo from time to time. But for the most part he just lay on the sofa. Chris picked our daughter up at school so Robin did not have to move our son outside or wake up the baby.

We almost had to cancel dinner. Fortunately, Erin, being a teacher, has already been exposed to every germ known to elementary school kids.

Dinner was very good—very hearty. Robin almost forgot to serve the deviled eggs, but remembered just before everyone was too full. After dinner Erin got an ice cream cone and played MarioKart, acquitting herself rather nicely (for a beginner).

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