Snow and the Steak Dinner

Finally some snow! It snowed something like a foot last night. To celebrate, we have a nice steak dinner, which is what one always has in a blizzard. Unless you’re sick in which case you have soup.
We have been bereft of snow for some time. It has been down right balmy at times, but a good old fashioned nor’easter came through last night. The timing could have been better, though. The baby seems to have shaken off the touch of flu that she had, but the full bout that our daughter had is still with her. She was bitterly disappointed that she could not go out and play.

Our son, who brought the flu home in the first place, was feeling perfectly fine. He and Chris went out to play in the snow a bit (which did not make his sisters feel any better). But it was cold and there was too much snow for sledding, so the men came back inside and played MarioKart.

We were very much looking forward to our steak dinner. We had purchased the steak yesterday in anticipation of the snow. Even so, our favorite part of the meal was the soup, because it reminds us of what nice neighbors we have. Miss Barbara made it for us when she heard the kids were sick. Everyone partook of the soup—even the sickest among us—and the whole family is feeling better already.

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