We enjoy a rarity tonight – a meal that the whole family ate! We were just using up leftovers, but the kids loved it. Both ate the grilled sirloin, the grilled veggies, and the potatoes. Our daughter was partial to the herbs and vegetables, while our son preferred the meat, but both ate well tonight.
The adults are also partial to this meal because there was very little cleanup. The single pot in which we boiled the potatoes was the only pot that needed cleaning. The kebobs require no cleanup since they were done on the grill with wood skewers.

We are quite the sight today. After running errands last night, our son took a little spill coming into the house. His forehead is scraped up good. Not to be outdone, our daughter (a little too happy after school) slipped getting into the car, splitting her lip.

Our daughter assured us that the best thing for scrapes and split lips is chocolate. When presented with that kind of logic, what are we to do? Especially since there was so little after dinner clean up. We head to Starbucks for some after dinner chocolate based healing.

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