Meals from January 2004

2004-01-06 An Inspired Pasta

This one-dish meal counts as its inspiration three sources. The first is Aunt Tara’s alfredo sauce. The second is an abundance of cheese (specifically gruyère), leftover from our holiday celebrations. Finally we add a simple bread crumb topping because our son wanted to use the food processor. Boys and their toys.

2004-01-07 Kebobs

We enjoy a rarity tonight – a meal that the whole family ate! We were just using up leftovers, but the kids loved it. Both ate the grilled sirloin, the grilled veggies, and the potatoes. Our daughter was partial to the herbs and vegetables, while our son preferred the meat, but both ate well tonight.

2004-01-13 A Daughter's Fame

Well, our daughter is famous. She signed her first autograph this morning, putting pen to a copy of our Baltimore Magazine article. To celebrate, we have leftovers!

2004-01-18 Salmon on a Yucky Day

It was ugly outside. Inside, the house was filled with the sounds of salmon sizzling on the stove.

2004-01-19 Greek Gumbo

Robin had a nice, simple plan for dinner tonight. Then Chris messed it up by trying to do something nice. The end result it a meal with mixed themes, but all very tasty.

2004-01-20 Welcome Guests

Back in the day, Sarah would make a weekly dinnertime visit. Job and child have necessitated that those visits could not continue, but tonight we get a visit from both Sarah and Olivia. We serve fusilli with a mushroom sauce and some fried shrimp to mark the occasion.

2004-01-23 Mexican Scramble Before the Snow

Enter, if you will, a dimension where the slightest whim of a man is immediately satisfied. When Robin suggested eggs for dinner, Chris half-jokingly answered that would be fine – with chorizo. Since we apparently live in “the man dimension” (at least tonight), we enjoy scrambled eggs with chorizo, plus a side of some blue chips.

2004-01-26 Leftovers from There and Back Again

There and back again left us with pizza for dinner last night. Not that we are complaining, mind you, it was Bertucci’s pizza. We did not have quite enough for a whole meal tonight, so we experiment a little with “ricotta balls”. Living life on the edge has its rewards – tonight’s reward being delectable ricotta pancakes (the ricotta was a little wet).

2004-01-27 Chorizo Makes Everything Better

Another January day, another snow day. Robin and the kids have been in the house now for 2 days straight. Fortunately, we have a well stocked pantry and leftovers frozen in the icebox. The result is a meal that warms – straight from our bellies throughout out entire body. Even on a day like this.

2004-01-29 Paella for the Pregnant Lady

Robin has been craving paella for a while now. Given that she is nearly nine months pregnant, none of us were going to object. Needless to say, we are glad we gave in to desire tonight.

2004-01-30 Mussels

Dang it all, we had a ton of mussels lying around that needed eating. We could not eat them all in last night’s paella, so tonight we enjoy a mussel pasta dish.