Meals from February 2004

2004-02-03 What to Eat When Extremely Pregnant

It’s been a struggle to eat at home of late. Now that we have reached the month of our daughter’s birth, Robin is not able to stay on her feet as much. So tonight, the rest of the family makes dinner (with a little help from Mom).

2004-02-04 Calamari Sauce

The calamari that did not make it into the other night’s paella becomes the main ingredient in tonight’s pasta with calamari sauce. We loved this meal. It was very filling and oh-so-tasty.

2004-02-05 Man, We Hate Leftovers

Leftovers again? We should be so lucky every night. Our traditional New Year’s Eve meal did not have enough guests to finish off all of the Alaskan King Crab legs that we had. We had no choice but to finish them off tonight as we need the space. It’s so sad when things like that happen.

2004-02-11 Stuffed Peppers

“Sausage.” “Uh, what is the only way to get Chris to eat bell peppers Alex?” (Yes, we’ve been watching too much Jeopardy of late, but it’s the Teen Tournament, darn it!) Served over some penne, stuffed peppers were just what we were in need of tonight. A mostly healthy, entirely tasty, easy meal.

2004-02-13 Sausage & Pepper Pasta

Watched Olivia today. We’re all set for having another kid now. After Sarah picked up her daughter, we mark the occasion with a mostly-made-from-leftovers, tasty pasta dish.

2004-02-15 Still No Soufflé

The new baby may not have arrived, but we are definitely feeling the impact. We had grand plans for the weekend meals, but, mostly due to Robin’s many, many contractions, we lacked the collective strength to accomplish much of anything. Tonight’s meal was born of frustration as much as anything else. Happily, serendipity smiled on us.

2004-02-17 Baja Fresh

At the end of the day, every day, Robin is exhausted. We think that this may be the case until the new baby arrives. To ease the burden tonight, we use up the remainder of last night’s takeout, adding only one new item. Even so Robin is still going to bed early.

2004-02-20 When Everyone Else Is Eating Papa John's

When Mommy goes out to eat with her Mom’s group, the rest of the family eats Papa John’s pizza. The night after, we have leftovers which means that Robin has to come up with something else to eat (there’s a reason that we order from Papa John’s on Mom’s night out). Typically, her meal is quick, healthy and good eats.

2004-02-22 Soup and Salad (Barely)

Tonight’s homage to the joys of extreme pregnancy is tuna salad and soup. It might not seem like much, but it represents enormous effort on our part.

2004-02-23 Tamales and Southwestern Caesar

Our vigil for the new baby meets the unexpected – sickness. We have been quite unable to get out to the market for some time now. Illness only compounds the problem. This leaves both pantry and freezer rather empty. Still, we have a couple Trader Joe’s tamales in the freezer and a few other things lying about the kitchen to help us make do.

2004-02-24 Soufflé - Still No Baby

When every day seems like “the big one”, it becomes increasingly difficult to do the simple things, like make dinner. So for tonight’s “the big one”, we have Bubba’s. Bubba’s and the chocolate soufflés that we have wanted since Valentine’s Day.

2004-02-26 Vitamin E Pancake Dinner

We get back into the swing of things with a pancake dinner. We were able to get some groceries last night – mostly staples and fruit. With a pantry approaching full capacity, we enjoy buttermilk pancakes (with wheat germ, of course) and some fruit smoothies.

2004-02-27 Fish in a Packet

Back in the day, we used to enjoy fish-in-a-packet nearly once a week. That was back when we were graduate students. We did not have much money but still appreciated a good meal. It’s been about five years since the last time we did it and we don’t know why we waited so long.

2004-02-29 What to Eat When in Labor

And finally, the big day arrives. After the last time around, we were very much concerned that this birth would prove similarly exciting. Happily, it was all very dull (well, relatively). Of course, it all started with a quick meal.