Sausage & Peppers

It was a good football day. Even though the Ravens had an evening game, Chris and the kids still spent the afternoon watching football. Sausage and peppers are one of the finer football meals, so that is what we ate for dinner. The meal was made that much better by bread imported (by us) from Brooklyn.
Robin’s aunt has been very sick of late, so we travelled yesterday to Brooklyn for a visit. Of course, we also visited Nanny and Gramps, who are always tickled by a visit from the great-grandchildren.

Our daughter had herself an especially grand time scavenging through the house looking for knick-knacks. Walking to the park in the afternoon, we happened by a yard sale. Our daughter said that we should buy something for Nanny. We explained that Nanny already had too much stuff to which our daughter replied, “Then Nanny must love having me here to take all her stuff!”

As usual, we journeyed out to Court Street. We got biscotti, cookies, and, of course, bread. Our son was insistent that we get ice cream while we were out. Being October, we told him OK—if we found any. We knew that there would be none at this time of year. Only we were in New York, so we found some.

Nanny enjoyed the kids and was thrilled to see how the baby has grown already. We enjoyed visiting with her as well. We are especially grateful to have spent some time with Aunt Rosemary. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

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