Meals from October 2004

2004-10-10 Sausage & Peppers

It was a good football day. Even though the Ravens had an evening game, Chris and the kids still spent the afternoon watching football. Sausage and peppers are one of the finer football meals, so that is what we ate for dinner. The meal was made that much better by bread imported (by us) from Brooklyn.

2004-10-18 First Field Trip

Today, our son went on his very first field trip. His class travelled to Cromwell Valley Park where they learned to make apple cider and cornmeal. They even picked pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. The “bestest” thing was the tractor hay ride.

2004-10-24 Ghost in the Kitchen

After an afternoon of football-watching, the kids put on their aprons to help with dinner. With apron-ed help, Robin served both plain and fried fish. As hoped, helping with dinner encouraged the kids to eat a complete, healthy dinner.

2004-10-31 Quite Spooky

Tonight’s dinner helps to ward off the evil Halloween spirits. The secret ingredient? Garlic, of course. Lots of garlic.