Meals from September 2004

2004-09-06 A Daughter's Recipe

Labor day weekend started with a rotisserie chicken at Grammy’s and Boppy’s house. It ends tonight with a meal that includes our daughter’s first recipe—a simple dipping oil for her bread.

2004-09-11 Repeated Leftovers

There are always burritos. We very much enjoy preparing burritos for their variety and nutrition. Tonight, we finish up leftovers from the Cheesecake factory. Yet again, quality leftovers make for a delicious meal.

2004-09-14 Chicken Stock Soup

A little work a week ago pays handsome dividends tonight. We swiped the carcasses from last Sunday’s rotisserie chickens to make chicken stock. We froze the stock to be used on a day when we might not have lots of time on our hands. Tonight was that night.

2004-09-18 Bananas after Panera

We went to Panera tonight. It was nice enough, but it was dessert that really excited. It was only some frozen bananas, but they were meaningful.

2004-09-19 Autumn Eggs

A few days shy of fall, we had ourselves a very autumn day. Then we had a very autumn meal.