Meals from November 2004

2004-11-07 Kid Dinner

This was a meal prepared almost exclusively by our daughter. And when she was done, she ate dinner with her apron on.

2004-11-11 And Finally, Waffles

Our daughter has been desperate for waffles. The answer to the question of what to have for dinner has been answered with a cry of “waffles!” for the last two weeks. Tonight she finally gets her wish fulfilled.

2004-11-12 What Happens When You Try to Cook Beets in a Microwave

The beet catches fire. Cooking beets in the microwave is apparently a little trickier than potatoes. Happily, serendipity favors us tonight. After dinner at Chili’s, we found a new dessert place, the Cold Stone Creamery.

2004-11-13 The Incredibles Fish Sticks

Last night’s fish stick meal was a spectacular failure. Undeterred, we make another attempt at the same menu—with similar results. In other words, the beets in the salad are slightly smoked.

2004-11-14 Fried Shrimp Dinner

Frying at home is so much better. The shrimp in this meal were amazing. The kids (naturally) did not share in our awe. Our daughter tried one shrimp (eventually eating it), but hers was not exactly a ringing endorsement. Without trying one, our son insisted the he did not like shrimp, this despite eating them many times at the local sushi place. Instead, they mostly ate edamame, rice and Cheerios. Sometimes, they are just plain odd.

2004-11-24 Turkey Before Thanksgiving

With the kids nestled in bed, we make an evening for ourselves by roasting up turkey legs. With Thanksgiving less than 24 hours away, we have lots to do. So, rather than watching a holiday special recorded on MythTV, we fire up the oven and some holiday tunes on MythMusic.

2004-11-25 Thanksgiving

The ultimate family dinner was very much a family effort. This year, Thanksgiving was at Grammy’s house. Grammy, Eric and Robin split most of the cooking, but just about everyone pitched in.

2004-11-29 Still with the Turkey Leftovers

The Monday after Thanksgiving finds us still eating turkey leftovers. And loving it.