To get our daughter to lacrosse practice on time, we force her to make dinner for the rest of family. To tell the truth (coincidentally, her new favorite expression), she wanted to make dinner—she loves making the pancakes. And she’s gotten quite good at it too.
After dinner, Chris and our son played MarioKart while Robin took our daughter to lacrosse. The baby was very tired from her day babysitting with Robin at Sarah’s, so she dropped right off to sleep after baths. Chris read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to our son, making it through another 2½ chapters.

Our daughter had a wonderful time playing lacrosse. She was goalie tonight—and she even caught one shot. She had several more bounce off her, which is what goalies are for, after all. Her teammates certainly appreciated her—they kept patting her on the helmet when the shots would bounce off her head.

Not uncommon for us, dinner did include some leftovers—the french fries were from dinner out at Cheeburger Cheeburger earlier this week (doctor’s appointment). Everything else was new, mostly courtesy of the newest Maryland goalie sensation.

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