Meals from April 2006

2006-04-04 Salad. Mmmm.

“More. More please. More. Mmmmm.” Was this our son. talking about the pasta? No. Was this our daughter speaking about how much she like her bread and herbed oil? Nope. It was the baby eating plain lettuce. She’s a weird kid.

2006-04-13 Another Fried Chicken Dinner

It is spring break for the kids this week. There has been much gallivanting about, meeting friends and visiting various parks in the area. Today is reserved for a special treat—a visit at Aunt Erin’s house. For some reason, Erin’s house has achieved a special place in our kids’ imagination. So naturally, the kids have themselves a grand old time today. And tonight, we eat well.

2006-04-27 Goalie

To get our daughter to lacrosse practice on time, we force her to make dinner for the rest of family. To tell the truth (coincidentally, her new favorite expression), she wanted to make dinner—she loves making the pancakes. And she’s gotten quite good at it too.