Meals from May 2006

2006-05-02 Bagels and Eggs

A weekend visit to Brooklyn netted us a bunch of bagels. We gave some to Mr. Barry (who loves New York bagels), some to Boppy (who loves poppy seed bagels). The rest we put to good use—dinner tonight.

2006-05-03 The Bestest Dinner Ever

Our son was very excited about this meal. When he sat down to eat, he had in front of him pasta and cheese sticks. A thin slice of heaven for him. And this was before the sausage was put on the table.

2006-05-04 Quatro de Mayo

We have little time for dinner tonight and even less time tomorrow. Even so, we could not allow Cinqo de Mayo to pass un-noticed, so we make a Mexican flavored meal tonight—enough for two nights.

2006-05-15 Post Mother's Day 2006

We enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day dinner at Grammy’s last night. The moms in attendance even had slightly less work to do than normal (slightly). There was so much food that tonight’s dinner is almost entirely leftovers, which suits us just fine.