Meals from June 2006

2006-06-07 Build-a-Dinner

We experiment with some interesting turkey burgers for dinner tonight. Since kids and interesting foods naturally repel each other, we serve plain turkey burgers to the under-30 crowd tonight. Thus making for a very enjoyable dinner for all.

2006-06-14 Joes

Robin and Sarah went to Let’s Dish last night. They both made 8 meals to be unfrozen in the next month. So naturally, we use none of them tonight. Instead, Robin makes every kids’ favorite—sloppy joes. All three kids did a good job eating, especially our son who thinks “joes” may just be the greatest food known to man.

2006-06-17 5 Kid Draw

Sarah, Eric and the girls come for a visit. We do not make quite as much food as we normally do for their visits, but still more than enough. It has been a while since last they visited. Hopefully it will not be too long until their next visit.