Meals from July 2006

2006-07-26 Let's Dish

We have been eating alot of Let’s Dish food recently. Robin has twice made meals there with Sarah, building up a store of a dozen meals in our icebox. Between that stockpile and summer vacation, we have had little time for preparing original meals. But tonight, we actually make our own food, although we do use a little sauce leftover from a Let’s Dish shrimp scampi dinner.

2006-07-27 Marshmallows

We still have plenty of Let’s Dish meals in the ice box. Tonight we enjoy a pesto chicken pizza that Robin made on her last visit. Everyone eats, though our daughter was a bit of a pain about it. If we are not careful, she will end up like her grandmother—picking onions and tomatoes and various other bits of food stuff from her meals.