Robin and Sarah went to Let’s Dish last night. They both made 8 meals to be unfrozen in the next month. So naturally, we use none of them tonight. Instead, Robin makes every kids’ favorite—sloppy joes. All three kids did a good job eating, especially our son who thinks “joes” may just be the greatest food known to man.
Today is the first day of summer vacation for our daughter. Fortunately, there were no plans to mark the occasion because Chris forgot his lunch. So the rest of the family came downtown to take him out to lunch. Everyone enjoyed a nice, if slightly late, lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen.

Lunch was not late due to poor service, rather it was because our son had an appointment with the ear doctor. The examination took a little longer than expected. Our son might need tubes and has to take nose spray and do nose exercises daily. This news had very little impact on him, being 5. More so in light of “joes”, which were certainly the highlight of his day.

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