Caper and Red Wine Vinaigrette

A vinaigrette is so simple and quick to prepare and so easy to vary that we can have a different dressing each night for dinner for quite some time. Tonight we make a mustard-less vinaigrette with some quality red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. We keep with the standard 3 to 1 ratio of oil to vinegar and add some capers for added interest.

Servings and Times

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Inactive Time: 0 minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes

Tools and Appliances

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We combine the vinegar and a small pinch of salt in a bowl and stir with a fork. We add freshly ground black pepper, the olive oil and the capers. Stirring well, we then taste for seasoning on a piece of lettuce.

We stir again, trying to combine well and dress on two portions of salad greens topping with green olives. Leftover dressing is covered and refrigerated.

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