Meals from November 2001

2001-11-03 Fish Sticks and Parsley Potatoes

As prepared foods go, we’ll always have a special placed in our tummies for fish sticks. Maybe it’s the ease of preparations. Maybe it’s the combination of breaded fish sticks and tartar sauce. Who knows? Served with snow peas and potatoes, this qualifies as a peppy little Saturday meal.

2001-11-04 Pot Roast and Potatoes

SuperFresh was having a special on pot roast this week, so we decided to enjoy the ultimate in comfort foods this Sunday. This has been a busy weekend for us and today was even busier, so it was wonderful to come home to the smell of this meal permeating the house (although one of us was always home keeping an eye on the meal’s progress). We served it on fresh bread purchased at the farmer’s market today with leftover potatoes. A perfect tonic for weary souls.

2001-11-06 Leftover Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes

The only thing missing from Sunday’s pot roast was mashed potatoes. We added those to tonight’s leftover meal, plus some salad and bread. So sleepy…

2001-11-07 Pasta with Broccoli

After some fairly involved meals, this simple little meal was just what we were in the mood for. Pasta with broccoli is very italian. We had some italian bread and sauteed some mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes to complete tonight’s dinner.

2001-11-08 Memee's Macaroni and Cheese

We needed a quick preparation meal tonight, so we broke out a recipe from our brother-in-law’s Grandmother. We cut the original recipe by a third and served with italian bread and mesclun salad.

2001-11-09 Omelettes and Potato Croquettes

When we lived in Indianapolis, our Saturday morning ritual was to get up early and head to Café Patachou for their omelette of the day breakfast special. We really miss that and have to do our best to reproduce that experience at home now. We’ll post the recipe for our omelettes at some point. Tonight we present a fantastic side – potato croquettes.

2001-11-12 Curry Ginger Salmon with Soba Noodles

The recipe for this salmon originates from Food TV’s Sara Moulton, which she made as part of a cook along. We couldn’t quite keep up with her (even with help at home!). We made tonight’s meal at a more leisurely pace, and it helped quite a bit.

2001-11-13 Sesame Chicken over Stir Fry Soba Noodles

We use some (actually quite alot) sesame seeds to dress up some simple boneless, skinless chicken breasts. We serve it over some leftover stir fry soba noodles. We love to use leftovers like this because it makes the preparation quick and easy, but still makes for a special meal.

2001-11-16 Chicken Burritos

Burritos are just great fun to throw together. They are also a wonderful way to use up several ingredients that we haven’t been able to use in meals earlier in the week. For tonight’s meal, we poached some chicken last night and used up some peppers and mushrooms that we still had in the fridge.

2001-11-19 Chipotle Black Bean Enchiladas

After a busy weekend, we start the week with some rich, crispy enchiladas. We’ve had enchiladas before, the difference this time is the use of chipotles, which really spice the meal up.

2001-11-23 Pasta with Sauce

Pasta and sauce – what could be better on the day after Thanksgiving? This simple recipe solved two problems for us: a simple meal and an excuse for defrosting some italian bread (for caesar salad tomorrow night).

2001-11-26 Ginger Soy Tilapia

Here’s a nice little meal that is easy to prepare and clean up. The fish is very moist retains lots of the flavors of the vegetables with which it’s cooked.

2001-11-27 Baked Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a nice vegetarian meal. We baked them tonight so that we did not have to clean another pan (which would have been used to fry the quesadillas). Baking them also gave them a nice aroma and made the tortilla shells a little crunchier than a typical quesadilla.

2001-11-28 Fish Sticks and Spaetzle

We really like fish sticks. The entire family will eat them and there’s not much to the preparation. We add some spaetzle to make this meal a little different. Some cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, and a salad complete this meal.

2001-11-29 Frittatas and Roasted Potatoes

We are a little low on supplies. Fortunately, frittatas only require some eggs and vegetables. We also happened to have some purple potatoes around, so we added some roasted potatoes on the side. A caesar salad completes this simple meal rather nicely!